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Heart health. Coronavirus Concerns. Nutrition and fitness. The Baptist HealthTalk podcast brings you health and wellness information directly from the experts at Baptist Health South Florida. Join host Dr. Jonathan Fialkow and his guests each week for lively informative discussions on topics important to you and your family. From the common cold to the latest cancer breakthrough, get the facts you're looking for right here on Baptist HealthTalk. 


Some topics include: 

►Kids & COVID-19: An Update

►Flu Season & COVID-19

►Prostate Cancer Awareness: Screening & Treatment

Covid-19: An Update from the Frontlines 

Kicking Foot Problems

Mitral Valve Prolapse: How Serious Is It?

High Blood Pressure: Know Your Numbers

Immunizations More Critical Than Ever

Stories from the Front Lines of the COVID-19 Surge

Coronavirus Surge Alert: Masks vs. Myths & Misinformation

Getting to the Heart of Advances in Open Heart Surgery

Coping With the Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus: Coping With the New Normal

Protecting Our Patients With New Safety Measures

Skin Cancer Risks, Prevention and Diagnosis


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